Doing It Differently Day Friday 12 June

What is Doing It Differently Day?

At Australia Post and StarTrack we appreciate our passionate people and the pride our employees feel as a part of our business.

On Friday, 12 June we’re inviting our workforce to take part in the first ever national Doing It Differently Day; a day of action where you can pledge to do something different to raise funds for the Our Neighbourhood Trust.

100% of funds raised will go towards the Our Neighbourhood Trust which provides funding to charities, community organisations and small businesses to support those connecting people and positively shaping our nation.

Two brands, one day, coming together to make a difference.

How can I get involved?

Step 1:

Make a pledge to do something different - here are some thought starters and our employee guidelines.

Step 2:

Upload it to the Pledges page and donate.

Step 3:

Let’s come together on Friday, 12 June to have fun and fundraise - check out all the action at the gallery.